Soft Trading and Contracting started off as a small business in the year 2011 and grown and expanded in most of the sectors. As technology is constantly advancing online shopping has become part and parcel of our everyday lives. Success at this point, a viable online company Soft Store Qatar is on the road.

Keeping Qatari customers in mind Soft Store Qatar has created and developed in-house store with quality products and services. Excellence is what Soft Store Qatar aspires and we have worked hard to create the best online electronics store in Qatar.  Soft Store Qatar is a trusted community market place for people to purchase online products such as mobile phones, smart watches, mobile and computer accessories etc.

The collection of brands and products which are available in Soft Store Qatar are the ones which give the impression of being best quality and value for money. Soft Store Qatar is a one stop store for all your online electronic items need.

We provide best possible delivery methods available; we ship your products to your doorsteps in limited doable time. We are pleased to announce world class customer service and growing community of users.

Our Vision

To provide the best quality products through e-commerce in Qatar.

Our Mission

We dream big and hard work to achieve the heights.